What is Lahat Santa?

Lahat Santa is a new fun way to celebrate Christmas! We’re encouraging everyone to wear their Santa hats on December 15 and make the holidays much more meaningful by donating to Save the Children to help transform the lives of Filipino children.

Who can take part?

Everyone can be Santa! Whether you’re on your own or you set up a group at work, at school, or at home, you can definitely be a Santa!

How can our company join?

Companies can join Lahat Santa through holding fundraising activities in the office or by being one of our campaign sponsors! Feel free to reach our Corporate Partnerships team.

How do I verify if a fundraiser is legitimate?

Almost all of our individual fundraisers have agreed to include their names to the fundraiser list so anyone can verify that they are Lahat Santa participants. You can view the list here or give us a call at 852 – SAVE (7283).

Is there a minimum amount for donation?

No gift is ever too small. Every help will sure bring smiles to children this holiday season.

Do I have to buy a hat?

You can definitely wear the free Santa hat you will receive with your fundraising pack when you sign up – but any Santa hat will do!

What will happen on #LahatSanta Run?

Be part of one of the biggest Santa gatherings on December 17! Register for the run here.

How will the money I raise help?

The money you raise by wearing a Santa hat and donating to Save the Children will help us protect every child’s right to survive, learn, and be protected. Learn more about how your help can make a difference.

How do I remit my donation?

There are various ways to send your donation. For full details, please visit our donate page.

When do I need to pay in my donation?

There’s no official deadline, but please do try to send these to us as soon as you can. The sooner we get it, the sooner we can put it to good use!

Who can I speak with if I have other questions?

Feel free to send us a message on our Facebook page!